K. Lange f1892b70dd v1.10.9 3 years ago
module.c 1bc4018e27 kernel: store text addr for modules for debug purposes 3 years ago
panic.c de94682728 Only the kill syscall should care about user permissions for signals 4 years ago
process.c 662ad3b407 kernel: remove calls to calloc (they confuse the tracker) 3 years ago
signal.c e0a871df8b kernel: processes in the same session should be able to send SIGCONT regardless of permissions 3 years ago
syscall.c 131262bb1f kernel: change some log levels 3 years ago
system.c 557f578574 Don't use my given name in copyright headers; update everything to 2018 because why not 4 years ago
task.c 7a935f2834 kernel: send SIGCHLD 3 years ago
version.c f1892b70dd v1.10.9 3 years ago