K. Lange 7fdaca463f CVE-2019-12937 2 years ago
README.md 0293e83c3b libs: add README describing what each is for 3 years ago
auth.c ffa4bd7360 Add login, sudo, user session, auth lib, etc. 3 years ago
button.c a6a5bc60f5 graphics: vertical gradient pattern in graphics lib 3 years ago
confreader.c 72aaed2eef msk: allow for and properly merge multiple remote manifests 3 years ago
decor-fancy.c c6dfe69bba decorations: restore the original font size for decorations 3 years ago
decorations.c 6e6675dd0a Restructure decorations so bounds can be window-specific (for fullscreen) 3 years ago
graphics.c ef149df1e2 lib: put SSE intrinsics behind an ifdef 2 years ago
hashmap.c 5f7b7c9f38 Render windows as focused when they have menus, like we used to in python 3 years ago
icon_cache.c 5b5462fb72 Library cleanup 3 years ago
jpeg.c ef149df1e2 lib: put SSE intrinsics behind an ifdef 2 years ago
kbd.c ead924b110 support home/end from normal escape sequence 3 years ago
list.c 557f578574 Don't use my given name in copyright headers; update everything to 2018 because why not 3 years ago
markup.c 0f683d32de markup: wip markup parser and rendering 3 years ago
menu.c c4ffc28b1f menu: smarter context menu spawning 3 years ago
pex.c 7fdaca463f CVE-2019-12937 2 years ago
rline.c e3a966232d rline: fix backspace in legacy line editor 3 years ago
rline_exp.c 92e0203075 esh: parser fix up for single-character variables 3 years ago
sdf.c 54e9044161 libc: add more toaru-specific syscall wrappers 3 years ago
termemu.c d5aab96199 Rudimentary (incomplete) alternate screen support 3 years ago
textregion.c 8680e66f65 Library copyright/vim tags cleanup 3 years ago
tree.c 557f578574 Don't use my given name in copyright headers; update everything to 2018 because why not 3 years ago
yutani.c d2e40a3d0d yutani: missing clip region recalculation in reinit 3 years ago


ToaruOS System Libraries

These are the core system libraries of ToaruOS. Where functionality isn't expected in the C standard library, these provide additional features that are shared by multiple ToaruOS applications.


Provides password validation and login helper methods. Exists primarily because libc doesn't have these things and there are multiple places where logins are checked (login, glogin, sudo, gsudo...).


Renderer for button widgets. Not really a widget library at the moment.


Implements a basic INI parser for use with configuration files.


Client-side decoration library for the compositor. Supports pluggable decoration themes through additional libraries, which are named as libtoaru_decor-....


General-purpose 2D drawing and pixel-pushing library. Provides sprite blitting, rotation, scaling, etc.


Generic hashmap implementation. Also used by the kernel.


Convenience library for loading icons at specific sizes.


Minimal, incomplete JPEG decoder. Mostly used for providing wallpapers. Doesn't support most JPEG features.


Keyboard scancode parser.


Generic expandable linked list implementation.


XML-like syntax parser.


Menu widget library. Used for the "Applications" menu, context menus, etc.


Userspace library for using the ToaruOS "packetfs" subsystem, which provides packet-based IPC.


Replacement for readline. Mostly deprecated in favor of rline_exp.


Replacement for readline, with support for syntax highlighting.


Signed Distance Field text rendering library.


Terminal ANSI escape processor.


WIP library for providing multiline wrapping label widgets with rich text support.


Generic tree implementation. Also used by the kernel.


Compositor client library, used to build GUI applications.