K. Lange 8e74bee6d0 png: First pass at a PNG decoder 2 years ago
patches 627ebc3195 Fixup std lib includes for full build from scratch with just basic gcc 4 years ago
activate.sh b9e53e6042 util/activate.sh was including toolchain path twice in echo 4 years ago
auto-dep.py 8e74bee6d0 png: First pass at a PNG decoder 2 years ago
build-gcc.sh fb7ca8cfd3 util: build gcc with c++ support 3 years ago
build-the-world.py 18389b62c7 util: should be able to build init normally in build-the-world 2 years ago
build-travis.sh 541c3187a1 Fix an issue with the docker build script under Docker for Mac 3 years ago
calc-size.sh 10e9a64cb4 jpeg: use it 3 years ago
check-reqs.sh 0f9e847c92 meta: genext2fs is no longer required (but still useful) 3 years ago
check.sh 5688627461 Fixes 4 years ago
compiler-rt.S 88363fa19e make: fix builds with clang by embedding required compiler-rt functions 2 years ago
createramdisk.py fec073784a bim: update to 1.6.1, and include tags 3 years ago
fix-python.sh ad6ad6fa89 python: remove python demos and help docs from repository 3 years ago
generate_symbols.py e98a4a3785 Make all the scripts Python3 5 years ago
install-efi.sh dfa402b63a local efi install script 4 years ago
iso.py 3eb7726784 meta: tools to build stuff 3 years ago
lm.c 79ac5ba9b1 Fix several Python things 4 years ago
make-version 1c65d3d663 Include git short sha in version string instead of -dev 8 years ago
mkdisk.sh 90aa039ef8 mkdisk.sh: actually running out of space? we really need our own FAT builder 3 years ago
netinit.c e370421bef netinit: use same table as crc32 app (which is the same as ZIP) 3 years ago
process_log.py f8b93f33d7 memory tracker: more data; avoid weird faults 3 years ago
prompt.sh 8f2c0b60fa oops, stderr 4 years ago
qemu-harness.py 3d584cb55b boot qemu harness directly to graphical mode 4 years ago
qemu.sh 31af34c73d boot: switch to tar ramdisks 3 years ago
readline._py 85db6525a8 hacked up support for python syntax highlighting in rline_exp 3 years ago
ungz.c e05b89b745 ungz: handle bad return from gzip 3 years ago
update-devtable.py 7216dac33a update-devtable: handle symlinks? 3 years ago
update-extents.py a7b78d56b5 util: fix bug in update-extents printing missing files 3 years ago