Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  K. Lange e370421bef netinit: use same table as crc32 app (which is the same as ZIP) 1 year ago
  K. Lange 4fa1645ff0 netinit: accept URL as argument; add boot option 1 year ago
  K. Lange 59d0abf238 netinit: new method of detecting framebuffer 1 year ago
  K. Lange cade020b95 netinit: need to mount tmpfs so we can download somewhere 1 year ago
  K. Lange 655e829112 ToaruOS-NIH => ToaruOS 2 years ago
  K. Lange 1960980586 Fix netinit 2 years ago
  K. Lange b77affc92f More of that... 2 years ago
  K. Lange 3700630f0e Rename netboot to netinit, makes more sense 2 years ago