Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  K. Lange 888323bcea getty: Pass more args through 'headless' make target 6 months ago
  K. Lange 066c2a592c make: disable audio output in headless target 6 months ago
  K. Lange 9b0e35eb3e make: Disable serial console in BIOS for 'make headless' 6 months ago
  K. Lange ed58edaae9 make: serial is actually redundant, already had headless 10 months ago
  K. Lange 99f9ff429a make: add serial-based headless boot target 10 months ago
  K. Lange 4146aec98d make: don't build init specially 10 months ago
  K. Lange 9e39bb74d4 make: init can absolutely be dynamic 10 months ago
  K. Lange 88363fa19e make: fix builds with clang by embedding required compiler-rt functions 11 months ago
  K. Lange fec073784a bim: update to 1.6.1, and include tags 1 year ago
  K. Lange e05b89b745 ungz: handle bad return from gzip 1 year ago
  K. Lange 7e3683f275 makefile: -k makes page up/down unhappy on my desktop? 1 year ago
  K. Lange 164fa6447b Revert "boot: switch back to ext2 ramdisks while an issue is investigated" 1 year ago
  K. Lange 3e04540bf7 boot: switch back to ext2 ramdisks while an issue is investigated 1 year ago
  K. Lange 73a3dc1414 qemu: pass -k en-us to fix arrow keys under Wayland clients 1 year ago
  K. Lange 31af34c73d boot: switch to tar ramdisks 1 year ago
  K. Lange de7463d141 kernel: 64-bit offsets for VFS 1 year ago
  K. Lange 02e81524ee make: qemu is doing weird shit to stdin 1 year ago
  K. Lange e175885c58 make: restrict shell hosting to so it doesn't leak 1 year ago
  K. Lange 4a343c3bcb make: Are we not building cdrom dir correctly? 1 year ago
  K. Lange c71ed6ab60 qemu: use a TCP socket for 'make shell' w/ nc 1 year ago
  K. Lange be02291b53 qemu: export and collect TERM in 'make shell' 1 year ago
  K. Lange 730fd9d64c tmpfs: /var as a protected tmpfs 2 years ago
  K. Lange fbc43253a7 makefile: target for ungz util 2 years ago
  K. Lange dd2c403345 makefile: remove shell call to 'find' 2 years ago
  K. Lange 8f5de441fc boot: port boot.s to GNU as 2 years ago
  K. Lange 3fc0ccef4f libc: crt's to GNU as 2 years ago
  K. Lange 0ef0c0cd8f linker scripts have no effect on object files 2 years ago
  K. Lange 3ae31e3efb Optionally build kernel with clang 2 years ago
  K. Lange 31129650a4 Kernel should build with clang without exploding? 2 years ago
  K. Lange 655e829112 ToaruOS-NIH => ToaruOS 2 years ago