Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  K. Lange 131262bb1f kernel: change some log levels 2 years ago
  K. Lange de7463d141 kernel: 64-bit offsets for VFS 2 years ago
  K. Lange df449d4b94 net: actually attempt to close sockets 2 years ago
  K. Lange 36e9046ae8 Allow modules to install procfs entries 2 years ago
  K. Lange 0d295aff28 Fix net reads when len < available packet size 2 years ago
  K. Lange 91ae45c518 Network reads are available when there are bytes available, not just when there are full packets 2 years ago
  K. Lange 557f578574 Don't use my given name in copyright headers; update everything to 2018 because why not 2 years ago
  K. Lange 5dd763780a Unify list, tree, hashmap implementations with userspace/kernel 3 years ago
  K. Lange 1355502e6c Reorganize headers 3 years ago
  K. Lange 3f4293d357 Merge kernel 3 years ago