Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Kevin Lange 541c3187a1 Fix an issue with the docker build script under Docker for Mac 1 year ago
  K. Lange 01cc448655 bump bim to 1.1.7 1 year ago
  K. Lange ef149df1e2 lib: put SSE intrinsics behind an ifdef 1 year ago
  K. Lange f1892b70dd v1.10.9 1 year ago
  K. Lange 3e46645b99 esh: fix double-free with globs 1 year ago
  K. Lange 52d65d3099 debug_sh: fix bad format string in pci command 1 year ago
  K. Lange ed6c60d51f procfs: fix BAR5 typo 1 year ago
  K. Lange 95b87270a8 linker: we don't use the section string table, so don't load it 1 year ago
  K. Lange 1ff5347405 kernel: move PCI device names out of kernel, into lspci 1 year ago
  K. Lange 2261a79b8b linker: hey let's load init_array from the dynamic table instead of looking for the section by name... 1 year ago
  K. Lange 33866f7623 lspci: ignore blank lines 1 year ago
  K. Lange 8e190f584d v1.10.8 2 years ago
  K. Lange 10406545a5 stty: order was backwards for size... 2 years ago
  K. Lange c4e0562753 stty: report bad args; add 'size'; 2 years ago
  K. Lange a33b67c5a1 ext: update cairo compositor backend for new animations 2 years ago
  K. Lange 52000de0da add cal 2 years ago
  K. Lange 059a2dbbd8 libc: fix mktime 2 years ago
  K. Lange 6748a76146 yutani: add new animation for dialogs (inspired by gnome shell) 2 years ago
  K. Lange e59526cf0c tutorial: there's no real reason to not have a maximize button on that 2 years ago
  K. Lange 3077e0d2b8 file-browser: identify Python scripts 2 years ago
  K. Lange 95e6706fed tutorial: enter should advance page, not exit 2 years ago
  K. Lange d6f13f56f3 v1.10.7 2 years ago
  K. Lange 6029f4da9b add tutorial (recreation of 2 years ago
  K. Lange 7ff948770c sdf: kerning on bold ' 2 years ago
  K. Lange 914fbcce04 meta: readme updates 2 years ago
  K. Lange c4ffc28b1f menu: smarter context menu spawning 2 years ago
  K. Lange e3a966232d rline: fix backspace in legacy line editor 2 years ago
  K. Lange 3a28814db9 file-browser: adjust context menu position on right side of screen 2 years ago
  K. Lange 256a719fba file-browser: show error dialogs when unable to open directory 2 years ago
  K. Lange 0095f8a2ee libc: opendir should not set errno, it's set by open 2 years ago