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-# toaru-boot
+# ToaruOS-NIH Bootloader
-If we have an OS with a kernel and userspace built-from-scratch, why not write a quick bootloader to load it, eh?
+This is a simple, limited BIOS and EFI bootloader for ToaruOS kernels.
+It provides an implementation of the Multiboot bootloader standard.
+The BIOS loader includes an ISO 9660 filesystem driver, and is suitable for use as an El Torito no-emulation boot image for use on a CD.
+The EFI loader is built as both a 64-bit and 32-bit EFI executable and uses the EFI interfaces for file system access, and as such is suitable for a wider variety of environments.
+Both loaders are based on the same codebase and implement the same menu system, which can be found `cstuff.c`.
+The EFI loader is built using GNU-EFI, but does not use any of its convenience library functions.
-GRUB will remain the preferred method of booting ToaruOS. This project is for demonstration purposes only.