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K. Lange 3 years ago
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+# configuration file generated by Bochs
+plugin_ctrl: unmapped=1, biosdev=1, speaker=1, extfpuirq=1, parallel=1, serial=1
+config_interface: textconfig
+display_library: sdl
+memory: host=256, guest=256
+romimage: file="/usr/local/share/bochs/BIOS-bochs-latest", address=0x00000000, options=none
+vgaromimage: file="/usr/local/share/bochs/VGABIOS-lgpl-latest"
+boot: cdrom
+floppy_bootsig_check: disabled=0
+# no floppya
+# no floppyb
+ata0: enabled=1, ioaddr1=0x000001f0, ioaddr2=0x000003f0, irq=14
+ata0-master: type=cdrom, path="/dev/cdrom0", status=inserted, model="Generic 1234", biosdetect=auto
+ata0-slave: type=none
+ata1: enabled=1, ioaddr1=0x00000170, ioaddr2=0x00000370, irq=15
+ata1-master: type=none
+ata1-slave: type=none
+ata2: enabled=0
+ata3: enabled=0
+optromimage1: file=none
+optromimage2: file=none
+optromimage3: file=none
+optromimage4: file=none
+optramimage1: file=none
+optramimage2: file=none
+optramimage3: file=none
+optramimage4: file=none
+pci: enabled=1, chipset=i440fx, slot1=pcivga
+vga: extension=vbe, update_freq=5, realtime=1
+cpu: count=1, ips=4000000, model=bx_generic, reset_on_triple_fault=1, cpuid_limit_winnt=0, ignore_bad_msrs=1, mwait_is_nop=0
+cpuid: level=6, stepping=3, model=3, family=6, vendor_string="GenuineIntel", brand_string="              Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU        "
+cpuid: mmx=1, apic=xapic, simd=sse2, sse4a=0, misaligned_sse=0, sep=1, movbe=0, adx=0
+cpuid: aes=0, sha=0, xsave=0, xsaveopt=0, smep=0, smap=0, mwait=1
+print_timestamps: enabled=0
+port_e9_hack: enabled=0
+private_colormap: enabled=0
+clock: sync=realtime, time0=local, rtc_sync=1
+# no cmosimage
+# no loader
+log: -
+logprefix: %t%e%d
+debug: action=ignore
+info: action=report
+error: action=report
+panic: action=fatal
+keyboard: type=mf, serial_delay=250, paste_delay=100000, user_shortcut=none
+mouse: type=ps2, enabled=0, toggle=ctrl+mbutton
+speaker: enabled=1, mode=gui
+parport1: enabled=1, file=none
+parport2: enabled=0
+com1: enabled=1, mode=null
+com2: enabled=0
+com3: enabled=0
+com4: enabled=0