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+Welcome to ToaruOS!
+ToaruOS provides a familiar Unix-like environment, but please be aware that
+the shell is incomplete and does not implement all Unix shell features. For
+help with the shell's syntax and built-in functions, run `help`. For a list
+of available commands, hit Tab twice. Tab completion is available for both
+commands and file names.
+To edit files, try using `bim` - a vi-like editor with syntax highlighting,
+line and character selection, history stack, and tabs.
+ToaruOS's compositing window server includes many common keybindings:
+- Hold Alt to drag windows.
+- Super (Win) combined with the arrow keys will "grid" windows to the sides
+  or top and bottom of the screen. Combine with Ctrl and Shift for quarter-
+  sized gridding.
+- Alt-F10 maximized and unmaximizes windows.
+- Alt-F4 closes windows.