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Regular Commands

Command Description
:TOhtml Alias for tohtml
:action Execute a bim action
:buffers Show the open buffers
:call Call a function
:checkprop Check a property value; returns the inverse of the property
:clearyank Clear the yank buffer
:colorgutter Show or change status of gutter colorization for unsaved modifications
:colorscheme Alias for theme
:crnl Show or set the line ending mode
:cursorcolumn Show the visual column offset of the cursor.
:e Open a file
:git Show or change status of git integration
:global.autohidetabs Whether to show the tab bar when there is only one tab
:global.git Show or change the default status of git integration
:global.numbers Set whether numbers are displayed by default
:global.statusbar Show or set whether to display the statusbar
:help Show help text.
:history Display command history
:hlcurrent Show or set the configuration option to highlight the current line
:hlparen Show or set the configuration option to highlight matching braces
:horizontalscrolling Set the horizontal scrolling mode
:indent Enable smart indentation
:keyname Press and key and get its name.
:listfunctions List functions
:mapkey Map a key to an action.
:maxcolumn Highlight past the given column to indicate maximum desired line length
:noh Clear search term
:noindent Disable smart indentation
:numbers Show or set the display of line numbers
:padding Show or set cursor padding when scrolling vertically
:q Close buffer
:q! Force close buffer
:qa Try to close all buffers
:qa! Force exit
:qall Alias for qa
:quirk Handle quirks based on environment variables
:recalc Recalculate syntax for the entire file.
:relativenumbers Show or set the display of relative line numbers
:rundir Run scripts from a directory, in unspecified order
:runscript Run a script file
:setcap Enable or disable quirks/features.
:setcolor Set colorscheme colors
:showfunction Show the commands in a function
:smartcase Show or set the status of the smartcase search option
:smartcomplete Enable autocompletion while typing
:spaceindicator Set the space indicator
:spaces Use spaces for indentation
:split Split the current view.
:splitpercent Display or change view split
:syntax Show or set the active syntax highlighter
:tabindicator Set the tab indicator
:tabn Next tab
:tabnew Open a new tab
:tabp Previous tab
:tabs Use tabs for indentation
:tabstop Show or set the tabstop (width of an indentation unit)
:theme Set color theme
:tohtml Convert the document to an HTML representation with syntax highlighting.
:trycall Call a function but return quietly if it fails
:unsplit Show only one buffer on screen
:version Show version information.
:w Write a file
:whatis Describe actions bound to a key in different modes.
:wq Write and close buffer
:wrapsearch Enable search wrapping around from top or bottom

Prefix Commands

Command Description
:s... Perform a replacement over selected lines
:(backtick)... Executes Python commands.
:%s... Perform a replacement over the entire file.
:!... Executes shell commands.