Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  K. Lange 218891202a Fix bad line reference when unhighlighting parens while splitting 8 months ago
  K. Lange 79a65d1448 Highlight strings in gas, add a few keywords 9 months ago
  K. Lange f76531fe08 And don't open a new buffer... 9 months ago
  K. Lange 35d89bfd21 catch and report errors when opening files 9 months ago
  K. Lange 63013299ff Syntax highlighter for /etc/issue files 9 months ago
  K Lange b4bf660a58 don't directly call bash 9 months ago
  K. Lange 8e2c289b38 updates I guess 10 months ago
  K. Lange 5fc8c782da bash: backslash can not escape single quote in single quote strings 10 months ago
  K Lange dc77685f23 fix accidental wraparound when scrolling to '-1' 10 months ago
  K. Lange b3c17c1421 stop making this a patch in toaru 10 months ago
  K. Lange 0ffef55d92 partial revert of makefile edits 10 months ago
  K. Lange 3f3c4b053a eat spaces between command and first argument when parsing traditional commands 10 months ago
  K. Lange 2f5928e021 clang and/or mac ld doesn't support -l: ? 11 months ago
  K. Lange 1c9cfd755d continues to not support 24-bit color 11 months ago
  K. Lange 623d0ef64e minimal latex highlighter 11 months ago
  K. Lange bcba7fe019 Add dockerfile highlighter 1 year ago
  K. Lange 68d0021d65 Add more C types 1 year ago
  K. Lange 37c187a3cb Fixup theme fallbacks 1 year ago
  K. Lange 7d1464932e Update readme 1 year ago
  K. Lange 8a1eb4b80e fixup html generation for new underline flag 1 year ago
  K. Lange 534b906de9 Add missing escape chars for C strings 1 year ago
  K. Lange 8e2bcc61fe cr4 1 year ago
  K. Lange c5fb3f890f sunsmoke: adjust selection colors 1 year ago
  K. Lange a0feaed8b9 gas: add more x86-64 registers 1 year ago
  K. Lange ba1be02a69 Support ~/ in green/red highlighting for filenames 1 year ago
  K. Lange e251689781 Unset VLNEXT (^V) as it's not in ISIG on macOS 1 year ago
  K. Lange d2775be4af Color directories in file tab completion as keywords 1 year ago
  K. Lange aa1edc8cd3 Highlight files in file commands 1 year ago
  K. Lange e97cfb7e9a Expose slicing to syntax highlighters 1 year ago
  K. Lange 620503eab5 Add emphasis commands to doxygen support 1 year ago